10 Reasons Why You Should Attend AI Summit 2021

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The global market of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies is booming. IDC estimates that the AI market will grow from $8 billion in 2016 to more than $47 billion in 2020! Technology giants are racing to acquire niche start-ups working on groundbreaking AI technologies and are prepared to invest heavily in them.

The AI landscape in Pakistan, however, is still at its nascent stage. Much needs to be done, and done fast. 10Pearls, a leading digital company, has dived in full throttle to explore the deep and far-reaching potential of AI technologies in Pakistan. One of these initiatives is the AI Summit ’19, a one-day event designed to host a conference and exposition for entrepreneurs, product owners, experts, developers, academics and researchers eager to make their mark in the Big Data and AI revolution.

Here are top 10 reasons why you must attend the AI Summit ’19:

AI is the next big thing, and you need to know about it!
According to Forrester Research, there was a 300% increase in investment in 2017 compared with 2016. Job openings have accelerated in AI and all progressive companies are rushing to learn more about it. If you want to remain relevant in the technology sphere, learning about AI is essential for your growth and the AI Summit ’19 is the perfect platform for it!

Be the frontrunner in the Pakistani AI landscape
If you like to be at the leading edge of all latest technologies, this Summit is a must-attend for you. Knowing about the newest technologies and innovative start-ups will help you become a pioneer in the local AI landscape and empower you to approach the global market.

Hear from the best
The AI Summit ’19 has invited influential subject matter experts to talk about their journey, work and challenges in the AI game. From image recognition to machine learning, robotics to decision management, top AI specialists will share their knowledge about their respective domains. When you’ll learn from the best, you’ll aspire to beat the best!

Meet the top AI influencers
The networking sessions in the Summit will give you a chance to meet industry veterans and potential investors, pitch your ideas, learn from the experts in the field, share your vision and attract important stakeholders. Whether you want to partner with a relevant player, sell your company or acquire one, this is the ideal venue to kick-start the conversation!

Discuss the ethical impact of AI
You probably know about machine learning, image and speech recognition and robotics automation, but have you heard about Deepfake videos and its threats? Probably not. In the Summit, you can converse about the ethical dilemmas of AI technologies and how to deal with them the right way.

Showcase your product
The Summit provides an excellent platform for practitioners (start-ups, individuals or enterprise brands) to showcase their products and exhibit how they impact business and society. It’s a unique opportunity to meet 300+ innovators and possible investors.

Identify the failures in your product – and learn from them
Did you know that the iPhone X often doesn’t recognize your ‘morning face’, probably because of your puffy eyes and haggard skin (thanks Apple!). A company as large as Apple hasn’t perfected its image recognition, so of course new companies have much to learn. This Summit will give you a platform to discuss the challenges you face in implementing AI, and an opportunity to find solutions with possible stakeholders.

Build leadership skills
The tech industry is filled with resources who have exceptional technical skills but lack leadership and management skills. The Summit will have various talks, networking sessions and workshops which will help you lead and communicate effectively.

Keep your competitors close!
To succeed, it’s crucial to know about your competitors and their products. This Summit is a perfect way to know what others are up to, and how you can improve your product/idea to stay relevant in the AI landscape.

Win cash prizes and awards!
The Summit will provide a chance to participate in a thoroughly motivating AI Awards ceremony. The ceremony will highlight and reward the most distinctive solutions. Last but certainly not the least, awesome cash prizes and giveaways will also be given to the most promising projects!

You can attend as an exhibitor, speaker or simply an attendee. In any case, the day is guaranteed to be exciting and add great value to your career!